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Upholstery Cleaning Tips

Start Upholstery Cleaning Business

What do you need to start a carpet and upholstery cleaning business? All it takes is a good work ethic and an all-inclusive affiliate package. Learning how to start an upholstery cleaning business isn’t as complicated as you’d think, and with a little bit of looking, you’ll be able to find a furniture cleaning business opportunity in your area that will give you the financial freedom you’ve always been searching for.

pride ourselves on our dry carpet cleaning technology that has helped people just like you start their own carpet and upholstery cleaning business. Carpet isn’t the only thing we do, however, it’s just as easy to start an upholstery cleaning business

While starting an upholstery cleaning business with a traditional franchise company might involve a lot of licensing fees and other pesky impediments to your long-term success, starting an upholstery cleaning business

For instance, we provide you with both print and online marketing materials to help you find clients. How does getting hooked up with over 1,000 free pieces of print marketing sound? And, how would you like to have your own website where you can send potential customers to see if they want to learn more about your business? We provide you with all these benefits and more

From detailed pricing information to a full list of the materials we’ll include in your affiliate package, the answers you seek are in this simple guide, and you’ll even be able to learn more about the equipment we use and what makes it so special.

Cleaning Guide

When it comes to buying furniture, choosing high quality upholstery is key. Investing in a durable, cleanable fabric will save you a lot of stress when stains and spills inevitably occur. Before selecting a fabric for your piece of furniture always check the supplier’s cleaning code, which tells you the best way to clean that specific fabric, and can help you determine which fabrics are best suited to your lifestyle and the intended use of the product.

Note: Be careful to clean with caution and always test a small area of the piece that is not visible before applying to a larger area (i.e. the back or under the cushion on the seat deck). If you are not confident that you are capable of cleaning your piece we recommend you leave it to the professionals. Research and hire a reputable company that specializes in upholstery cleaning and can take the pressure off you.

If a fabric is labeled “W” you are in luck as this is the easiest type of fabric to clean. It is safe to use liquid on this fabric and it can be cleaned with water and a mild soap or upholstery cleaner. This is the most durable fabric you can buy and is ideal for high-traffic areas such as dining rooms and living rooms, which see frequent use and a high volume of spills.

An “S” label indicates that the fabric must be treated with cleaning solvents (dry clean highly suggested) and will not react well to water. Never apply water to this fabric! Spot cleaning is only advised if the fabric is meant for home dry cleaning use. Always blow dry the spot after cleaning to prevent a ring being left behind. It is important to prevent this fabric from getting dirty, even if you plan on having it professionally cleaned. Stains, spills and dirt in general should be cleaned as soon as possible to retain the longevity of the colours and quality of the fabric. WS This means a combination of water and dry cleaning solvents can be used. This code is seen less often and it may be a good idea to hire a professional to clean it just to be safe. If you would prefer to clean it yourself be sure to treat spills as soon as possible before they have time to set and use a very mild cleaner with a small amount of liquid; never saturate with water. It is best to use this kind of fabric in low-traffic areas or on pieces that are used less frequently.

This code means that a fabric is not cleanable and should be vacuumed only. Vacuuming and light brushing can be done to remove dirt and dust, however no water or solvent-based cleaners of any kind may be used as they can cause shrinking, staining or distortion of the fabric. Contact a furniture restorer to determine the best method for caring for this kind of fabric.

Maintenance of upholstery

There are many sorts of upholstery available. There are fabrics in a wide variety of qualities but common to all is that the elasticity of the fabric is determined by the fibres in the thread and the way the fabric is woven. It is this elasticity that determines whether a fabric can be used for a particular model, but also the amount of wrinkling after use. Wrinkling is largely caused by the stabilisation of the foam as the piece of furniture ‘wears in’. This gives the upholstery a more supple form, which increases comfort (much in the same way as you wear in a new pair of jeans). However, this does lead to wrinkling. This wrinkling does not harm the look of the model – in fact it softens its appearance – and it cannot be avoided.

Every furnishing fabric also fades in the course of time. This is particularly the case with brightly coloured or dark materials. Direct sunlight accelerates this process so avoid this as much as possible. Synthetic fabrics are less prone to this. Fabrics with a velvet finish may take on a different appearance depending on the way the light falls on them, so it may appear as if a piece of furniture has been upholstered with different shades of fabric. Some fabrics ‘pill’ owing to the release of particles of fibre or through tangling with clothing fibres. Pilling can be easily removed with a pill shaver.

Fabrics and properties


Entirely synthetic fibres like polyester are very hard-wearing and absorb little moisture. However, they do tend to get electrostatically charged. This makes the furniture fabric attract particles of dust faster, particularly in dry environments. For this reason, good air humidity in the room (50-60% RH) is important. Polyester furniture fabrics are permanently fire-retardant, can be easily cleaned, do not shrink and are resistant to bacteria and mould.


Apart from being hard-wearing, cotton furniture fabrics absorb moisture easily and do not easily get electrostatically charged. However, this fabric get dirty quicker than wool. Cotton furniture is easy to clean.

Trevira CS

Textiles made of Trevira CS are very easy to clean because they dry quickly and keep their shape, which means that they do not need to be ironed. Their permanent fire resistance is embedded in the molecular structure of the fabric and therefore remains intact after cleaning.


Woollen furniture fabrics are generally hard-wearing, absorb moisture easily and do not easily get electrostatically charged. Wool also has a certain amount of fire-retardancy. Because of surplus wool fibres, woollen furniture fabric may produce fluff initially. This will stop and will not affect durability. Ensure that woollen fabric never get soaked right through.


Stains in these fabrics can often be removed with a damp cloth. If the stain has dried in, any surplus substances must first be removed by hand or with a soft brush. The stain should then be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. Then fully remove the stain according to the table below.


Seating contains foam to improve comfort. This foam is available in various grades of density and hardness. For each model, we try to find the optimum combination of these two properties – this is what determines the quality of the foam and, ultimately, the comfort. One of the properties of foam is that it takes up to 6 months for it to stabilise. During this 6-month period, the hardness may decrease by about 15 to 20%. So your seat will feel softer and more comfortable. We recommend that you use all of the individual seats equally to avoid differences in the amount of ‘wearing in’ and possible wrinkling. We also recommend that you give loose cushions a regular good shake and swap them around in order to maintain their comfort and volume.

Upholstery Cleaner Machine

When it comes to keeping your furniture looking clean and stain-free, nothing works better than an upholstery cleaner machine. Purchasing one of these machines is a much more affordable option than hiring a professional cleaning service and it allows you to stay on top of messes, before they have a chance to set in and ruin your furniture.

So, if you want to save some serious cash, and you want a way to keep your furniture looking new and spotless, then you’ve come to the right place. My buyer’s guide includes all the information you’ll need to know to make an informed decision when you’re shopping for an upholstery cleaner. I’ve also done all the product research for you, testing out many of the best-selling models on the market. My list of the leading four upholstery cleaners includes models that will work for any budget. But even better, these appliances are built tough, loaded with some great features, and designed to last.

This model earned top marks for its stain lifting abilities, making it a great choice for your go-to upholstery cleaning appliance. This model uses hot pressurized steam that works to eliminate stains, mold, and grime. The steam cleaner is also highly portable, thanks to its lightweight design. It also comes with a nine-foot cord and is approved for both indoor and outdoor use. The nine-piece accessory kit is designed to help you clean those hard to reach spaces and tough stains.


This powerful upholstery cleaner can eliminate deep down stains, mold, grime, and more. Its lightweight design will allow you to easily carry the appliance up and down the stairs, while the hot pressurized steam works like a charm when it comes to completely dissolving even the toughest stains.

This model can be used to clean both upholstery and carpets and includes a powerful suction that’s able to reach those tough deep-down stains. It’s designed for both small and large stains and comes with a removable water tank that has a forty-eight-ounce capacity, which means fewer refills. The Hydro Rinse attachment is versatile and features powerful spraying action that’s designed to break up tough stains.

Regular Upholstery Cleaning for Health

Junior just spilled his grape soda on the couch and you’re wondering why on earth you didn’t go with the multi-colored upholstery that looked enough like that spill that no one could tell that it was there. Or, perhaps, you’re realizing that your crazy aunt was right to put plastic over everything. Don’t worry. Upholstery cleaning is inexpensive and an often neglected part of general home maintenance. It is something you should be doing with regularity, in fact, not just when there is an impossible stain.

Every day, you and your family come in from outside and go immediately to the furniture. Often, it’s snowing or raining, or your kid has come home from a sweaty soccer game or cheerleading practice, or maybe you’ve spent all day at the office surrounded by other people. Over time, germs, dirt, sweat – everything from ticks to swine flu – will build up on your upholstery. Many people do not get their upholstery cleaned nearly enough, if at all

Upholstery and Carpet Stains: Random Spills

If it isn’t time for your yearly upholstery cleaning and there is a spill, you will naturally try to clean something yourself before calling in the cleaning professionals. The best method is preemptive—always ask the carpet store or furniture maker how to best clean the product while still at the store. Often you will find that you get information that is helpful but might not have been disclosed. Armed with this, you can purchase furniture that will stay cleaner longer, last longer, and you will know how to deal with problems as they arise. This also protects you from warranty problems, because some manufacturers even have specific cleaners that you can’t use without discrediting any warranty or claim.

Pet hair is a recurring problem for many homeowners. Here are three simple tricks to rid your home of unwanted hair and dander:

Clean with a dryer sheet. Rake up unwanted hair with a dryer sheet. This will eliminate fur and improve the smell of your furniture.

Dab with tape. Wrap tape around your hand and gently dab fur-covered areas.

Wipe fur with a damp cloth. A wet cloth will attract hair and help you remove fur.

Often, you will not be able to get a stain out. Your detergents and cleaning products might not have worked, but that does not mean that a professional cleaning service won’t be able to do it for you. These companies are trained to know what chemicals work for what spills and they have the proper arsenal to deal with any situation. The most important part of any home maintenance is making it easy on yourself. Most companies allow you to schedule a yearly service. This way you know that the first week of every April (or whenever you choose), you will get a call from your cleaning service wanting to schedule an appointment. It will be easy, inexpensive, and will slide into your routine with ease. Most importantly, it will add to the life of your furniture and protect you and your family from the accumulation of germs.

Make Significant Income By Specializing In Move In Cleaning

Offering Move In-Out Cleaning Services? Here Are Some Few Pointers

At some point, you can find men and women and firms that should be relocated. In cases like this, They could want their new area to be cleaned ahead of they shift in. Similarly, when an institution proprietor needs his previous locale to generally be cleaned and picked up after they moved out. Normally, institutions like apartments, homes and buildings are a few of The placement that sometimes seek out for cleaning services which referred to as as move out / move in cleansing provider. Thus, Should you have a cleansing corporation that gives different cleansing services, it can be your chance to make additional profits.

Mainly, a move out / go in cleaning assistance is needed when a particular tenant go out from An additional locale to a different. This is when a cleansing company will pick up the mess of a different or old constructing. Cleansing company of move in/out fluctuate relies on the scale of The situation. When you are novice in providing this kind of cleaning assistance, you may want to commence in smaller jobs. Generally, occupation dimensions vary in flooring dimensions in the establishment. For tiny sized job, get started presenting transfer out/in cleaning provider to apartments and homes.

In case you are Completely ready to offer transfer in/out cleaning solutions, you improved start out speaking to property administration companies. Currently being situated in residential or collage town is beneficial in your case as there’ll be no difficulty of work scarcity. If your company has become cleansing professional properties before, there’ll be without doubt that numerous shoppers will seek out to your expert services When they are needing go out/in cleansing expert services.

For a fantastic start out, it is better to cooperate with on-web-site good supervisor so that you will be in the position to estimate time you have to spend in cleaning your entire developing. When you as well as onsite assets manager have designed a fantastic rapport, as opposed to supplying approximated cost for cleansing support, you will just Enable your cleansing time billed. Your clientele will typically probably require specialized cleaning solutions like carpet cleaning, tile scrubbing and flooring sprucing. This is where you may demand them independently hence you might have additional earnings.

These ways will help you assure the satisfaction of your clients.

1. Determine precisely how big the cleaning team that the making needs. If the building has to have a small number of men and women to get cleansed just like small apartments or maybe buildings, 2 to 4 employees can be ideal.

2 . not Designate personnel that provides qualified skills when it comes to specific cleaning task so that the particular cleaning cases could be done faster plus much more practical. For an instance, an expert window cleaner must be assigned in cleaning house windows and glass panels.

3. The Cleaning team leader would be liable within getting and gathering all of the instruments and instruments used in cleaning this building before and after the cleanup process.

four. Before you start, check the utilities of the building. Of course , to clean the floors together with tiles, a person need water. To help make the cleaner working, you need electrical power. Thus, you need to be able to make sure that many of these aspects are presented before you start with often the cleaning job.

5. Begin your cleanup process by way of picking up almost all massive and heavy junk therefore that you can hoover the room as well as space without any hassle plus disturbances.

6. Vacuum home properly. This is highly important within move out/in cleaning providers. The idea is advisable to utilize a backpack hoover as it can the actual work faster and much easier. Remember to start hoovering from top to minimal together with baseboards, light accessories window blinds and windows. As a substitute of cleaning cabinets and drawer tops, better vacuum cleaner them to get Shorter and less difficult cleaning method

7. Get started cleaning this stuck grime and grimes in typically the wall and other surface types after you have done hoovering the family room. You may use chemicals and detergents in cleaning furniture, floors and walls. It is definitely better to work with concentrated compound instead of ready-to-use chemical type as you can save more money through.

7. For heavy staining plus dirt, spray targeted fumes. Just make sure the fact that the room is properly ventilated in order that they will stay away from breathing often the sprayed smells. Employees need to wear proper protective tools to steer clear of any suffocation or deep breathing problems.

9. Work with proper cleaning supplies just like papers towels, microfiber cloth or terry cloth rags.

For dust, use microfiber garment that is color environment friendly; colour blue for windows and various glass surfaces, crimson and yellow for restrooms in addition to countertops respectively.

12. For further easy sink and tiles scrubbing, use clean of various kind. Intended for floor tiles and ceramic surface types make use of grout brush. To get taps, it is wise to utilize toothbrush.

11. Finally, clean your floor. This is where all the filth and dust from the particular tops are inclined therefore employ a backpack machine to remove them all. Clean the many remaining stains plus grime using a textile with chemical substance.

Difference Between Dry Cleaning And Laundering

What is the difference between doing laundry and dry cleaning? Aren’t those two the same? Well, those two are not the same. They are two things that are being used interchangeably by most people. So how does these two differ?

Difference in Definition

Laundering is washing your clothes using soap, softener, detergent and water. It also involves drying the clothes and ironing them. Dry cleaning however is simply cleaning with the use of chemicals such as perchloroethylene to remove dirt from your clothes instead of using water and soap. Though they both use a special machine to do the job, you still can’t use a dry cleaning machine to do some laundering or vice versa.

Difference in Process:

In laundering you need to gather all clothes that have the same kind of material like cotton, leather, silk or linen. You can also classify them if they are colored clothes or just plain white ones. Why do you need to classify your clothes you ask? It’s because some materials need a different detergent or soap to be used. Some also have the tendency to lose their color and mix with the white colored ones which can be very unpleasant if you need those clothes in their original color.

The next thing you need to do is soak them in water for a couple of minutes then add some soap or detergent. You can use a machine to help in scrubbing of clothes or you can do them manually by hands. Once all clothes have been washed using soap, you need to wash it with water until you can no longer see some soap being washed away.

The last thing after washing the clothes is drying them. Again, you can either use a drying machine or just let it hang outside your house where the sun can dry them. That’s basically how laundering works.

In dry cleaning, you also need to classify your clothes based on the above mentioned categories. You will then use the machine-made for this process and use a chemical solvent to remove stains on your clothes.

Some shops that offer this kind of service even use pre-treatments to your clothes to make it easier for the solvent to remove the stains. The next process is drying the clothes using a warm air circulating in the machine while the clothes are being tossed around. After all of these processes are finished, the clothes then go for pressing and packaging.

How to Make Foaming Hand Soap

It’s so easy to make your own foaming hand soap. Walk through each step with us below!

Start With a Foaming Soap Dispenser

A foaming hand soap dispenser is a must, as these dispensers push air through the liquid soap to create that lovely foam. If you have an empty (or near-empty) bottle of foaming soap on-hand, you can reuse it. Just give it a quick rinse to get rid of any leftover soap scent—especially if you plan on using a new scent to create your own foaming soap.

If you don’t have a foaming dispenser on-hand, consider buying a glass foaming soap dispenser. You can find these online or at your local home goods store. The nice thing about a glass foaming soap dispenser is that these are heavier and more substantial, and they look nicer in your bathroom or kitchen. They’re also very environmentally friendly and are less likely to tip over when they get closer to being empty. Win-win!

You may also be able to reuse just the screw-top from an old foaming soap bottle on another container of your choice, as long as the screw-top fits.

Add Water and Liquid Soap

Once you have the right dispenser, it’s really just a matter of mixing the right proportions of water and soap. You can use any hand soap that you wish. Some people will even use dish soap to create their own foaming dishwashing soap for a more luxurious experience. Why not? If you prefer something that’s a little more moisturizing, you can even use a moisturizing body wash to create a foaming soap this way.

Begin by pouring a small amount of warm water into the bottom of your dispenser. It’s best to add the water first because if you add the soap first, you could end up with too much foaming inside the bottle. Not sure how much water to add? It really depends on how frothy you want your foam. Adding more water will result in less foam, whereas less water will create a thicker foam. We recommend trying about four parts water to one part soap, but it’s not an exact science.

After you’ve added your water, squeeze the preferred amount of soap into the bottle.

Gently Mix Until Incorporated

Time to mix! Avoid shaking the bottle to mix up the water and soap, as this will just result in lots of bubbles and foam inside the bottle (which isn’t what you want). Instead, try gently swishing the bottle back and forth until the water and soap are well incorporated.

Simple Things You Must Expect From A Professional Cleaning Company

Initially, it resembles you are over-thinking. In any case, on the off chance that you are only this cautious, you will be amazed how much time and cash you can really spare. Finding a genuinely proficient cleaning administration can be life getting updated, particularly when the administration is in your financial plan. It can assist you with being increasingly practical at different things throughout your life while not yielding your money. What’s more, it can build your certainty for your home appears as though what you anticipate that it should be. All things considered, your house is an impression of you.

#1. Permit

A first-rate cleaning administration will be authorized and protected. The organization should meet some normalized necessities related to their work, items, gear, method and cleaning results. For the most part, recruiting a group of prepared, experienced cleaners from such an organization doesn’t need to cost a great deal. The organization will charge sensible cleaning administrations costs and consistently give great incentive to the clients.

#2. Obligation and Employee Accident Coverage

Home mishaps can happen whenever regardless of how cautious the cleaners are. An expert organization ought to know about the wellbeing of their cleaners. Risk and representative mishap inclusion are one of the approaches to show their consideration.

#3. Polished methodology and reliability

An expert housekeeping organization has polished methodology and reliability. It is appeared by the way they get their clients’ calls, how they care about their clients’ fulfillments, how they react to any objections, and so forth.

#4. Training and Experience

An expert cleaning administration must instructor prepare their cleaners and maids so as to have adequate information in housekeeping. The organization likewise requires their cleaners a specific measure of understanding before dispatching them to their clients’ home.

#5. Profound Cleaning System

An expert housekeeping organization will assist you with making your home clean, clean and furthermore sound. The organization, in any event, puts the 3 fundamental strides to the cleaning procedure: planning, cleaning and wrapping up.

Start A Residential Cleaning Business

Steps to Choosing the Right Cleaning Products for your Home Cleaning Company

When you first start your housecleaning business, you only need a handful of chemicals and equipment. As your company grows, however, that arsenal must expand to include additional tools for a growing staff. No matter where you are in the process, having effective, efficient, and affordable products is critical for business success.

Start with the Supplier

From distributors who specialize in janitorial products to your local grocery store, there are a lot of places to purchase cleaning supplies. Which supplier is best for your cleaning business?

Retail: Everyone from the local grocery store to big-box national chains like and Target sell consumer-grade cleaning products. The advantage of using these vendors is they are convenient and picking up products is quick. Very often, this is where many housecleaning companies first purchase; it’s easy and works well for small orders. The downside is that this is typically the most expensive way of purchasing these products.

Wholesale Clubs: Shopping at also an option. These clubs cater to professionals and offer bulk quantities, concentrates, and refillable bottles—all of which appeal to cleaning companies. However, while they are a bit more affordable than retail stores, their prices aren’t the lowest option and product selection can vary and be suddenly unavailable.

Online and other online retailers offer all of the options you can find at brick-and-mortar stores, plus many more speciality items that aren’t readily available at Target and the like. Online pricing may be less, but shipping costs often offset any savings. Also, unless you’re buying from a well-recognized brand, you can run into problems with fine print, misrepresentation of product, or even reliability of delivery.

Tips To Choose Good Residential Cleaning

First of all, it’s important to take stock of the things you really want cleaned because not all cleaning services perform the same services. For example, some do your laundry, make the beds, wash the dishes, etc. – so it’s important to know what you need before you book and make sure that the company you hire does those tasks. Don’t assume anything. There’s nothing worse than coming home and expecting the laundry to be folded and realize it’s not done because it’s not part of their service contract with you.

Need a monthly cleaning, bi-weekly, or weekly cleaning? Or maybe just a one time clean for moving out? Take a really close look at how often you need house cleaning appointments. Maybe you can get away with bi-weekly cleanings instead of weekly? Just keep in mind that generally, the more frequent your appointments are, the cheaper it will be in terms of cost per visit

Asking friends, family and coworkers who have had hired a house cleaning service before for their recommendation can save you a lot of headaches because you can be relatively sure that if they had a good experience, you will too. That’s one of the main ways grew the way we did. A side benefit of going through a cleaning service that was recommended you is that in some cases, they’ll give a referral credit to you a credit to the person recommending you. It’s a win-win for both of you.

You know that jaw-dropping cleaning quote that’s $100 less than the others? Yes it sounds great and all but you’ll definitely want to double check to see if it’s a flat rate. Chances are that it’s not and that they’ve grossly under estimated the job. Which is how you could end up with a surprise $350 bill at the end when you thought you were getting it for about $170.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each and those differences lead to huge differences in terms of your experience. Everything from online customer support chat to scheduling, appointment reminders, and more, we use technology to create a better customer experience for you.


Cleanliness is one of the most important things in our day to day life. This is mainly because in order to be healthy and strong for everyday chores we need to have a healthy lifestyle and being clean and neat is one of the necessities. With the busy lifestyle that people are leading lately, it is sometimes impossible to find time to do cleaning in the household or even the work place. This means that one should have an alternative on how to ensure that the place they are at is clean. Going for cleaning services is the best alternative when it comes to this.

It is however important to choose the best clean-up services owing to the fact that the cleaning companies are increasing with number on a regular basis. This requires one to have some factors in mind that they will use to choose the best one for the job. The first thing that one needs to consider is the reputation of the company. Ensure that the company is well reputable so as they can give you the kind of services that you desire.

The other factor to consider is the experience of the company. It is important to hire the services of a company who has been in the market for a long time because they have gained the required a mount of experience. This will ensure that they do a good job for you since they know too well the things that make the place they are cleaning as fresh and clean as required.

The other factor to consider is the equipments and detergents that the company is using. Considering the fact that there are a number of clean-up equipments available in the market, some work best for the job. Ensure that the company uses the detergents that you as a person desire so that they can give you the services that fit well for your needs.

Cost is yet another factor that needs to be considered when going for cleaning services. Ensure that the charges are considerably affordable and that they fit well with your budget. This will give you an opportunity to determine how many times in a month they can be cleaning for you so that your place can be clean regularly.

Key Qualities to Look for in House Cleaning Services

Great! You’ve decided to hire a cleaning service to help manage your home chores. How do you choose the right company? What are the red flags?  You’ll probably spend hours researching options online and looking at the services close to you, but what should you look for in the best housekeeper?

Reliable References

A good quality house cleaning service will have references. Depending on how long they have been in business, they should have a history of quality service.  Online reviews are a good place to start.  There you can check ratings by reviewers.  It is probably a good idea to call and get your references.  Get an idea of what the company and its employees are like.  The best house cleaning services will have these options ready for you

Flexible Schedules

You lead a busy life and you need your schedule worked around.  That’s ok, and a good quality maid service will agree with you.  Figure out what days work best.  Depending on your household, it may be a good idea to determine how often you need cleaning.  Do you have kids or teenagers? Maybe a weekly service if good for you.  Is it just you and your spouse working full time? Perhaps a monthly cleaning service will be more than enough.  The best house cleaning service will help you determine what schedule is best for your needs

A Variety of Cleaning supplies

Find out if they will use the cleaning supplies you provide, or if they will bring their own. Learn if they use cleaning supplies that are safe for your children or pets. Determine if you need to provide any special cleaning supply requests or if they will bring it all. Regardless, they should have a recommendation for what would work best on which surface.  The best companies will use the best cleaning supplies for you and your home.

The Right Equipment

Like with the cleaning supplies, it would be a good idea to find out what equipment the company has and will use in your home.  The best service will know what to use on carpet, hardwood, tile and stone.  Double check and find out what they will be using on your surfaces.

How to Choose Residential Cleaning Service?

Home is a place where we spend the majority of our time so it’s important to keep it clean and hygienic. Due to hectic schedules, people don’t have time to clean the entire house on their own therefore people hiring the services of cleaning professionals. Also, you want to hire the ones whom you can trust and who charge fair prices for the cleaning services.

Now the question arises here is how to choose the best company! In order to ensure whether you are choosing the correct company or not, it’s important to invest some time in going thorough research. Not only this, one must ask few questions before hiring the cleaning service. Remember to choose the best company if you are looking for the services of house cleaning as it’s a matter of cleanliness. Let’s go through this blog to know more about the same!

What Cleaning Products Company Utilize?

There are many companies who carry their own cleaning supplies with them. Before finalizing any company, make sure the products they are utilizing are safe and will not ruin the look of your home. It’s important to ask this question if you have pets in your home or anyone in your family member is suffering from allergies. A professional company will let you know the type of cleaning products they will utilize and what all services they offer.

Can The Company Provide References?

There are many companies that can provide a list of references without asking a single question. This way you can contact their prior customer in order to know more about the company. Not only this, one can check the reviews of their clients as they will also help you in giving clarity about the company.

How Much They Charge?

People generally look for companies who provide quality cleaning services at reasonable prices. Choose the company who can provide you a rough estimate for cleaning service as it will help you in determining whether the company is within your budget or not.

Pros And Cons Of Different Carpet Cleaning Methods

Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods used by Companies

While you are spoilt for choices when selecting carpet cleaning company for your home or business, it is important to understand the different types of carpet cleaning methods used by different companies as not all carpet cleaning methods work for your carpet.

Here are the types of carpet cleaning in the market:

Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

Commonly known as steam carpet cleaning, hot water extraction cleaning use high pressured hot water to agitate the carpet fibre and dissolve dirt in the carpet.

Hot water extraction cleaning typically involves application of cleaning agent on soiled surface, agitation of carpet with brush and followed by rinsing. After cleaning agent settle in the carpet for a short duration, the carpet will be “washed” by a carpet cleaning equipment to rinse the cleaning agent thoroughly and finally left to dry in room or air conditioned temperature

An average sized carpeted office of 3000 sq ft would normally take about 2 hours to clean and will take at least 4 hours to dry. Most cleaning companies would advise carpet to be cleaned in the late afternoon so that after cleaning is done, the carpet can be left to dry over night and office operation can resume back to normal the next morning.

Bonnet Cleaning

High-moisturised equipment has been used along with an absorbent pad dipped in a cleaning agent to spruce up the upper surface or fibre of the carpet. A bonnet cleaning method is used by professionals to absorb dust, grime, soil and dirt from the upper layer of your delicate floor coverings using a cutting-edge machine.

It utilises the cleaning product, which is mixed with carbonated water and then used as a spray over the carpet. After that, professionals will attach the absorbent pad with the floor machine to get rid of soil and dirt from the surface of the carpet. The machine absorbs all the dust and dirt and leaves your carpets sparkling clean.

This method is ideal for companies and hotels because it quickly washes the carpets without disturbing the clients, guests and visitors. However, bonneting doesn’t clean the floor coverings deeply, but most of the carpet owners prefer to use this cleaning method as a temporary solution.

Dry Cleaning

This is one of the latest cleaning methods and has gained increasing popularity and approvals by leading carpet manufacturers because of its effective cleaning performance and convenience as it doesn’t require drying time. This involves the use of specialized machines to clean carpets with recently developed chemical technologies that permit no-moisture, or very low moisture cleaning, resulting in carpet beautification, and removal of stains, dirt, sand, and allergen.

Carpet Shampooing:

Shampooing of carpet may seem to clean heavily soiled carpet, the technology’s disadvantage is it leaves behind high amount of wet foam residues in the carpet and takes a long time to dry, becomes sticky when it dries because no rinsing is done after shampooing and rapid re-soiling of carpet, which makes this method less popular than the others.

DRY FOAM: This method is very similar to shampooing in that relies on the aggressiveness of the brushing action, which is usually counter-rotating cylindrical brushes. The only difference is that the solution is whipped into a foam and applied right before the brushes instead of a liquid as in shampooing.

Preconditioning: Applying preconditioning agents to the carpet hot early in the process allows time to bond with the soil particles and easier to remove afterward. This helps to loosen up stubborn dirt. The choice of preconditioning agent depends on the carpet ‘s fabric. You may want to use alkaline solutions when working with synthetic fiber carpets and a mildly acidic solution like diluted acetic acid on woolen carpets.


Foam encapsulation use synthetic detergents as a base that will crystallize into powder form when dries. Loosened dirt particles in carpet fibre will be encapsulated into powder once the applied cleaning foam dries and, finally, vacuumed or brushed when the foam dries after cleaning.

The froth encapsulation cleaning method has overtaken carpet shampooing technology as the former uses less water during cleaning which result in shorter drying time compared to the carpet shampooing. The froth encapsulation cleaning has gotten thumbs up by those who advocate using of eco-friendly products since there is less chemical residue left out after cleaning when compared with carpet shampooing.

Even though this method has shown good cleaning results, this cleaning method is not in a position to clear heavy soiling carpet due to the technology’s limitation.


This method is very similar to shampooing in that relies on the aggressiveness of the brushing action, which is usually counter-rotating cylindrical brushes. The only difference is that the solution is whipped into a foam and applied right before the brushes instead of a liquid as in shampooing.


Applying preconditioning agents to the carpet hot early in the process allows time to bond with the soil particles and easier to remove afterward. This helps to loosen up stubborn dirt. The choice of preconditioning agent depends on the carpet ‘s fabric. You may want to use alkaline solutions when working with synthetic fiber carpets and a mildly acidic solution like diluted acetic acid on woolen carpets.

Professional Commercial Cleaning To Create That Pristine Environment

How To Choose A Good Commercial Cleaning Company

If you run a business, then you know that cleaning can take up a lot of your time. Cleaning is vital to keep the environment safe and hygienic for both customers and employees, but it can eat into your time considerably. 

Many businesses, therefore, choose commercial cleaning services. Choosing excellent commercial cleaning services in Houston, however, can be a challenge. So how do you choose a great cleaning company?

Select A Cleaning Company With Experience

Not all cleaning companies are created equal: some are better than others. The reason for this had to do with the structure of the industry. Cleaning companies can be set up by anyone: you don’t need any license or training. An untrained person can set up a cleaning business and start offering janitorial services in Houston without jumping through any hoops.

Select A Company With A Customer Focus

Many commercial cleaning companies in the Houston area don’t spend the time they should getting to know their clients and understanding their needs. An excellent commercial cleaning company doesn’t see its list of clients as generic. It takes an interest in each company and then looks for ways to serve them as well as possible. Every business has varying cleaning needs. A restaurant, for instance, is very different from a factory. Both, however, need professionals who can clean in a way that is consistent with a company’s goals.

Select A Company With Great Customer Service

Not all cleaning companies offer great customer service, and that’s a problem. Excellent customer service means that you can get in contact with your cleaning company when you need them. Being able to speak to a customer representative is vital if, say, you want to change your cleaning schedule or ask for a different method of cleaning that really targets the dirt.

How To Choose The Right Commercial Cleaning Service

Cleaning an office or any type of business premise on a regular basis can be quite a difficult and time-consuming task, especially if the area is larger. However, keeping these spaces clean is extremely important for the well-being and safety of both your employees and clients.  You have observed that your office is getting dirtier day-by-day, but you don’t have the time to physically visit each and every cleaning company in London to check if they’re worth hiring or not

Naturally, we all want the best quality service at the most competitive prices when it comes to hiring a cleaning service. Here are some of the factors that must be considered when hiring commercial cleaning services

Some of these include the following:

Check online reviews of the various cleaning services offered in your area in order to get a sense of the professionalism of the company.

One of the things that make hiring a commercial cleaning service provider a worthy idea is the fact they have professional equipment. Check the condition and age of their equipment. A company that has relatively new and clean equipment is the best option for your business.

Never hire an uninsured cleaning company. Any legitimate and professional cleaning company will have insurance and those are the ones you should hire to clean your office premise.

A google search will reveal reputable agencies in your area, it is a good idea to check recent reviews of the company online, dated reviews are often unhelpful and may no longer be relevant. Testimonials on their own website are also often a good indication of the reputation of the company. If they have an active online presence it is a good sign. It means that they are keeping up to date with the goings-on in the cleaning industry.

They should offer a wide range of services as well as the daily clean they should offer services such as window cleaning, floor polishing and high dusting. They should also be willing to offer a suggested cleaning rota and suggest the frequency needed of their services.

They will tailor a commercial clean to suit your budget. If your budget is limited, they should be able suggest a schedule suitable for your budget that still delivers high quality cleaning and standards.

Last but not the least, keep in mind to look for local cleaning companies based in London so that they’re always easy to reach whenever you need them. And, you’ll also love the personalised service you would get every time they’ll visit you.

Tips for Choosing a Commercial Cleaning Company

Maintaining your office space should be a priority for a few different reasons. While the upkeep of your office may be a no-brainer, choosing the right commercial cleaning company can be a daunting task. With so many companies to choose from in Boise, it can be difficult to narrow them down.

Services Offered

The first thing you’ll want to know before hiring a commercial cleaning company is if they provide the services you need. Some companies specialize in janitorial services while others focus on window cleaning. You might also be in the market for a commercial cleaning company that can provide multiple services. This will streamline your process and eliminate any companies you don’t need to contact.

Past Reviews and Experience

Commercial cleaning companies enter your property after hours for the most part. Handing over this responsibility requires confirming that they are a reputable company. Inquire about current clients and experience to gain a sense of well established the cleaning company is. Having an idea of who they work for and how long will help you decide if you can trust them.

Quality of Employees

Protecting your property starts with trusting a company to provide service after hours, but ensuring they do a quality job requires asking about their workforce. A professional commercial cleaning company should be able to walk you through the steps of their hiring process. The process should include screening with background checks followed by employee training for a uniformed end product. You can also ask if a staff member will visit your facility regularly or if turn-over requires irregular scheduling.

Experience in Your Industry

Your industry can determine the level of experience needed by a commercial cleaning company. For example, if you are seeking services for a medical facility you’ll need a business that can adhere to rigorous guidelines. On the other hand, if your institution is data-driven and houses technology there will be a process for making sure wires are not moved in a destructive fashion.

Tips for Choosing the Right Commercial Cleaning Company For Your Business

Do you have a business that needs to be cleaned? Have you considered outsourcing the jobs of vacuuming, taking out the trash and cleaning restrooms? If so, you’re probably interested in choosing the best commercial cleaning company for your business. What are some tips to choose the best one?

Reputation is Key

First, consider a cleaning company’s reputation in town. Since cleaners often work with minimal supervision, you’ll want to pick a company with a sterling reputation… one that people know they can trust no matter what. Therefore, look for a company that has been established for a while, that has several accounts, and offers references. Rather than go with a brand new company that doesn’t have a history, look for one that has built-up an outstanding reputation such that others recommend them to you because they’ve had a great overall experience.

Employment Standards

Next, a cleaning company that claims to be the best must take hiring seriously. Instead of just picking any person “off the street” and throwing them into the job, a great company is very specific with their hiring practices, making sure that the people they employ go through background checks. Also, they don’t hire people with criminal records. Meanwhile, they conduct extensive training, such that their workers exhibit professionalism at all times, paying extra attention to safety on the job and more. When you’re looking to hire a commercial cleaning company you should ask, “Will the same people be cleaning our place on a regular basis?” Ideally, you should find a company with low turnover.

The Right Expertise for the Job

Other things to consider when looking for the best commercial cleaning company to clean your business include what services they offer coupled with what kind of facilities they can truly handle cleaning… for instance, if they only have a couple employees, they’re probably not the right company for a job that involves cleaning a sprawling manufacturing plant that takes up a couple acres. Meanwhile, make sure the company offers what you need done, which can include trash removal, sweeping/mopping, dusting, stocking consumables, and/or restroom cleaning.

How to Choose a Cleaning Service for Your Business

Maintaining a clean and sanitary office environment is essential to the success of your business. Most companies will hire a professional cleaning service to take care of this rather than hiring a full-time janitor. A cleaning service will usually come in after hours, cleaning all areas of your office. You’ll probably find several office cleaning companies in your city, so you’ll have to choose the one that’s right for you. Though you may be looking to save money, the company with the lowest cost isn’t always the best deal.

Get price quotes from the companies in your area. The companies will have to visit your officeto estimate the work. When you get this quote, ask for a list of services that they provide. Most will provide mopping, vacuuming, cleaning, and sanitizing of the bathroom and dusting. Some may provide carpet cleaning a few times a year, but it may or may not be included in the quoted price.

Ask to see proof of insurance. You want a cleaning company that has its insurance so that you can be sure that you will not be liable should a cleaner become hurt while cleaning.

Read through the contract. Most companies will want you to sign a contract, locking you into their service for a given amount of time. However, you need recourse if you aren’t happy with the service that the company is providing. For example, you may want to look for a company that has a trial period or one that goes on a month-to-month contract rather than a yearly contract.

Consider the experience of the company. Some companies will have years of experience behind them, which means that you can be sure that they’ve developed a system for cleaning and are comfortable handling any cleaning issues involved. All other things being equal, choose the company with more experience.

The Benefits Of Carpet Cleaning

How To Choose A Good Carpet Cleaning Company

One popular type of flooring in the home and some business premises is carpeting. If this is your type of flooring then at certain times you will require some special maintenance to keep the carpet looking its best. This is where the services of a good cleaning company come in like rug cleaners. Delicate material and fabric need professional cleaning. It is thus important to find a company that can provide quality services.


When researching on carpet cleaning companies to hire it is important to look for those that have a good reputation. Inquire from your networks on companies they can recommend to you due to the type of service they received. Likewise, one can search the internet for reviews of potential companies that they are considering to hire. One can check on the companies websites for feedbacks from clients. Moreover, there are also sites dedicated to rating and review such companies. This sites can offer valuable information regarding the reputation of companies

Education and Certification

When choosing a carpet cleaning company, it is important to look at the training and certification of the cleaning firm. A company that has staff who are trained is a guarantee that quality service will be offered. It is also proof that they can correctly clean carpets, they are aware of the different cleaning methods, understand the various kinds of fabrics and materials and they can handle any stains. Verify that the carpet cleaning company your want to hire has staff that is qualified.


There is value in experience. A cleaning carpet company team that has experience is proof that they are experts and have honed the knowledge of cleaning carpets through practice over time. It means that they can offer solutions to your carpet cleaning issues and will be effective at their service. Experience guarantees quality service, quality service means happy clients

Equipment and Products

Another important factor to consider is the type of cleaning process the company does. How is their cleaning process, how long do the carpets take to dry, what kind of equipment and products do they use when cleaning. Are the products environmentally friendly and safe for children, pets, and people with allergies? Such information will guide you as you make a choose on which cleaning carpet company to hire.

Carpet Cleaner Buying Guide

Embedded dirt can’t get you down when you’ve got a carpet cleaner around. See how well the top cleaners navigate on nylon plush carpets below.

Home Carpet Cleaning: Grubby to Great

Got dirty carpets? There’s certainly no lack of cleaning options, including buying a carpet-cleaning machine, renting one, or hiring a pro. While nothing beat the ease and performance of a pro, some of the machines we tested came pretty close for less money.

More Power, Deeper Clean

Machines that were better at lifting embedded dirt have larger, more powerful motors. Almost all of the full-sized models did a better job at removing dirt. Bissell and Hoover, the two largest manufacturers of carpet cleaners, say you must use their cleaning solutions in their machines or you could void the warranty or cause electrical shock or fire by damaging the machine.

How to Choose

Embedded dirt requires deep cleaning. Check your carpet’s warranty or manufacturer’s website for suggestions on how often you should clean. Otherwise you could damage the carpet or void its warranty. Some companies, for example, don’t allow a pro to reapply stain treatments.

Focus on Features

Separate tanks for hot water and cleaning solution make refilling quicker because you usually need to refill water more often. Smaller tanks mean more frequent refills. Carry and push the machine before buying, especially if you’ll be carrying it up and down stairs. Look for models with attachments if you’d like to clean upholstery or stairs.

Consumers Guide To Carpet Cleaning

I am a member of the Carpet and Fabricare Institute (CFI), and owner of Above & Beyond Carpet Care. My company is a certified firm by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, also known as the IICRC. I have earned the highest IICRC cleaning certification as “Certified Master Cleaner”. We are also certified in stone, masonry & ceramic tile cleaning, upholstery & fabric cleaning, carpet repair & reinstallation, odor control, flood restoration and mold remediation. I’ve been in the carpet cleaning business for over 23 years. And in that time, I’ve learned that carpet cleaning is the subject of much confusion. In fact, people have so many misconceptions about carpet cleaning that I decided to offer this consumer’s guide to carpet cleaning so when you select a carpet cleaning company, you can make an informed intelligent decision.

YOU SHOULD WAIT AS LONG AS POSSIBLE BEFORE CLEANING YOUR CARPET. Not true. Dirt is an abrasive – like sandpaper. Every time you step on the carpet, you grind dirt into your carpet fibers. This cuts your carpet, just as if you had used a knife, causing it to wear out faster. A dirty carpet will not last nearly as long as a clean carpet. And while vacuuming helps — by itself, it’s simply not enough. The longer you wait to have your carpet cleaned, the more damage you do to your carpet and the faster it wears out

THE ONLY REASON TO CLEAN CARPET IS TO REMOVE THE DIRT. Not true. As you probably know, outdoor air contains pollens, fungus, bacteria, air pollution, cigarette smoke, car exhaust — and hundreds of other chemicals. When you and your family members come into your home, you carry those pollens, bacteria and chemicals in your hair and on your skin, clothing and shoes. Not surprisingly, all those chemicals, pollens and bacteria wind up — you guessed it — in your carpet. If you have allergies, asthma, emphysema, or other breathing problems — one major source of your problem could be the pollens, fungus, and chemicals in your carpet.

NE METHOD OF CARPET CLEANING IS JUST AS GOOD AS ANOTHER. Not true. You can choose from two primary methods: Dry cleaning or hot water extraction. First, I’ll explain dry cleaning. Many people believe that dry cleaning your carpet is like dry cleaning your clothing. This is not true. All carpet cleaning methods use water in one from or another. Here are the three methods of dry cleaning carpet.

HAVING THE RIGHT EQUIPMENT IS ALL A COMPANY NEEDS TO CLEAN YOUR CARPETS PROPERLY. Not true. Many companies own hot-water cleaners — but a large number of employees don’t know how to use them. You probably know someone who bought the newest computer on the market — but didn’t learn how to use it for a year or more. The same is true with carpet cleaning machines. The company may own good equipment, but the employees may not know how to use it correctly. This is why it’s important that you choose your carpet cleaner carefully.

Things to Consider When Choosing A Carpet Cleaner

Choosing just the right company to clean carpets can be a bit tricky. There are many factors to keep in mind when looking for the perfect carpet cleaner. Price, services included, and professionalism are all part of choosing the right company for keeping carpets clean. Here are ten important things to remember when choosing a carpet cleaner.

Pricing is Key

In the business world, many people have heard the old saying “you get what you pay for.” This phrase is important in many aspects of the business world, but it may not be true when it comes to choosing a cleaning company for the carpets. In fact, many people have found that some of the less expensive companies did better work. Professional carpet cleaning is worth the cost and many customers generally love the outcome when they hire a professional. The end result of crystal, clean floors is what they are really looking for.

The Type Of Cleaning

Many carpet cleaners offer a very specific way of cleaning the carpets. There are two types that are usually offered: dry carpet cleaning and steam cleaning. The type chosen will change the cost of the job. Dry cleaning is sometimes called low moisture and it involves chemicals with very little water. This type of cleaning is much faster than steam cleaning and is chosen by those who need clean carpets in a flash! This method does not clean as deep as steam cleaning, but it is suggested for those who don’t keep really dirty floors.

Knowing The Needs

When it comes to getting carpets all clean, knowing the needs of the floors and customer is key. By knowing the type of carpet, what kind of stains it has had, and the age of the carpet, customers can help the cleaner figure out what the floors need to be cleaned properly.

Check Insurance, Licensing, and Bonding

Any company that comes into a home to clean it must be bonded by the state. They must also have insurance and licenses. This paperwork means that the staff has had background checks and if anything happens to the furniture or property, the company is prepared to cover any of the damages.

Choosing a Professional Carpet Cleaner

What carpet cleaning products are they using?

Cheap harsh chemicals can make your carpet look clean for a while, but these chemicals can be hazardous to your family or pets. You should ask you carpet cleaner if their products are safe for children and pets. Chemicals are not the only problem though. You should also ask if they will be using soap or detergent to clean your carpet. If the answer is yes, you will need to ask them how they intend to remove the detergent or soap entirely! If they do not remove the residue from these products, you may wind up with crunchy carpets, or worse, dirt-attracting residue in your carpet.

What carpet cleaning tools are they using?

There are a few tools that may be used for carpet cleaning, and they are not all made equal. Steam cleaners can be useful if the water and residue can be fully extracted, but this is hard to achieve, and you will usually be left with flooded carpet that takes quite some time to dry. It also leads to residue left behind on the carpet. Another type of tool is a dry cleaner. This tool first requires a pre-spray which also gets the carpet wet. Then a buffer pad is used to buff the stains out. Quite frankly it doesn’t work anywhere near as well as an extraction wand. Dry carpet cleaning methods are not approved by leading carpet manufacturers and will void your warranty. A hot extraction wand is the best option for carpet cleaning. It will run water through the carpet fibers and suck it out quickly, so you do not get flooded carpets.

How is the company’s customer support on the phone?

This may seem like a strange one, but a phone call can tell you all you need to know about working with a carpet cleaning professional. When the company answers the phone, are they polite and professional? Alternatively, did you get just a hello, if you just got a hello you may have reached someone on their cell phone. Now, this does not immediately make their service terrible, but it may not be as professional. Regardless, ask some questions about your needs and verify if the person on the other line is excited to be helping you or bothered by your questions. If you sense bothered, time to call someone else. You want to make sure you are getting your carpets cleaned by someone who will listen to your concerns and get the job done the way you want!

What are customers saying about them?

You have to be careful when you look at reviews, a few reviews can be faked, but it is hard to make up many reviews on a reputable website, although even this is possible. The best thing to do is look at reviews from multiple sources like Google, Yelp, and Facebook. It is also essential you read some reviews, do not just take into account the star rating. What were the customer’s problems and concerns, what did the customers like about the carpet cleaning professionals? Reviews are a quick and easy way to get some insight about the quality of the carpet cleaner. If you want a pro tip: use the ctrl+f feature on your computer to look for specific reviews for your need. For example, you may have pets and want to see what other pet owners thought. Use ctrl+f and search “pet” then those reviews will be highlighted making it easier to find relevant reviews for your needs.

What certification do they have?

It is excellent when customers speak highly of a carpet cleaner; it is even better when an independent lab has tested and ranked the carpet cleaning company on their scale using tests created by NASA. That is what The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) has done. They test all things carpet related, from the actual carpet material to the services providers of all things carpet. For carpet cleaners, the CRI examines the company’s methodology and process using a standardized test and measurement system. The best carpet cleaners receive a seal of approval. The greatest among them receiving a platinum approval rating